About Us

Our Story

I’m Stephanie and I live in Hertfordshire, famous for its historical estates, and beautiful countryside. Coming from a family filled with dogs, I know that they are not just pets, they’re family members too. Herts Barkery began when I started making homemade treats for my own dog Archie. My Archie’s treats became so popular I would make extra batches to take with us during our walks and dog training sessions. Friends, friends of friends and work colleagues began asking me to bake some for their own dogs and it grew from there!

Our Ethos

Like all pet parents, I want to keep Archie happy and healthy so the fewer additives and preservatives there are in the food he eats, the better. That’s why I started making Archie his own special treats using only the best natural ingredients I could find - no artificial add-ons, colouring or flavouring agents. There’s absolutely no added sugar, salt, artificial and chemical ingredients in Herts Bakery products - just the pure goodness of freshly baked goodies made of great natural ingredients. All the products are made fresh to order using quality natural human grade ingredients, I don’t plan to make or sell anything that I won’t be able to eat myself. And as you shop, you’ll find key ingredients listed in our product descriptions, so you know exactly what’s going into your dogs treats. We love your pets the way we love ours, and we want them to be healthy and happy as well.